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Mathematics Department


Dr. Neera Bahadur M. A., Ph.. D (Delhi) Associate Professor
Dr. Sudha Jain M. A., Ph.. D (Delhi) Associate Professor
Ms. Anshu Chotani M.Sc. (IIT Delhi) Associate Professor
Ms. Neelam Bareja(Teacher-in-charge) M.Sc., M.Phil(DU) Associate Professor
Ms. Charu Khanna M.A., M.Phil (DU) Associate Professor
Ms. Anju Rattan M.A., M.Phil (DU) Associate Professor
Dr. Anju Gupta M.Sc., Ph.D. (Lucknow) Associate Professor
  • Old Students Association Prize
  • Asha Arora Memorial Prize
  • S.D. Mehra Memorial Prize
  • Shanti Devi Malhotra Memorial Prize
  • Ankur Memorial Prize
  • Mathematics Teachers Prize
  • P.K. Kapoor Prize
  • Singh Jee & Co. Prize
  • Departmental Activities
    • Seminar / a series of Lectures on Applied Mathematics
    • Inter-Class Paper Reading Competitions.
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