ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC

Department of Physical Education facilitates the coaching of different indoor and outdoor games and prepares teams. These teams participate in Delhi State, National and Inter College and other different tournaments. The aim of department is mass participation. This year our teams participated in 9 indoor games Badminton, Boxing, Chess, Judo, Table tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Power Lifting and Yoga and 9 outdoor games Athletics, Ball badminton, Basketball, Football, Handball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Softball and Volleyball under the supervision of qualified and experienced coaches.

 This year our Ball Badminton Player Simran won Gold medal in the International Test Series. Power Lifting team won the Inter College championship with three gold of Deepika Singh, Pooja Singh and Deepika Gupta. Boxing team won IInd championship with two gold (Bharti and Arti), one silver (Vandana), three bronze (Jhanvi, Sapana and Varsha) in the Inter College tournament.

 Anjali in Football, Bharti and Arti in Boxing and Lisa in Lawn Tennis represented Delhi University in all India Inter University tournaments. Football Team participated in Kamala Nehru Invitational inter college tournament and wins the fair play trophy with fourth position.

Fitness Club organized the workshop under the supervision of AYUSH on Health Awareness through Yoga and session taken by the Resource person Dr Vadiraj and Dr Sangeeth Pal from AYUSH. Students gets training of Aerobics and yoga regularly once in a week and performs in different occasions.

Sports Society organized Invitational Inter College Tournament of Ball Badminton, Volleyball, Yoga, Chess and Carrom for Divayang category. Our Yoga team won the IInd position and in Carrom our College Ravina won the First position and in Chess Deepa got IInd position. Chief Guest and Guest of Honour Mr. Muktesh Jain Js and CEO The National Trust and Dr Bipin Tiwari Co-Ordinator EOC DU blessed the participators. Besides this Department organized inter class matches of different games for students and throw ball, badminton, cricket and volleyball matches for teaching and non-teaching staff. Department organize sports day every year and personality excellence in sports Mr. Dinesh Kumar Arjun Awardee Kabaddi Player, Mr. Asti Singh Jt Secretary Ministry of Youth and Affairs and Dr Bipin Tiwari Deputy Dean Students DU visited on this occasion.

Sports Society conducts aerobics and yoga training classes and oragnizes workshop for students and all teaching and non teaching staff of the College.    




The departmental Orientation programme for the first year students  was held on August 21 , 2017 at 11:00 am in Sangam Parisar, Kalindi College.

It was conducted by the Teacher in charge Dr. Sunita Sharma and other members of the Sports Committe.All the newly admitted students who opt sports attended the programme. The students introduced themselves. Dr. Sunita Sharma gave a brief introduction of the faculty members along with an overview of the sports activities by discussing the following points :

  • Weekly classes of sports
  • Fitness Club
  • Sports daily practice
  • Interclass Matches
  • Athletics Events
  • Invitational Tournaments
  • Annual Sports Day
  • Workshops and Invited Lectures
  • Sports Prizes and Scholorships
  • Gymnasium Facilities

The students were also informed about various games and tournaments that are played in and outside the college and sports activities planned for the session 2017-18.  They were told about their time table and any queries regarding classes and practice were answered.


The Department of Physical Education organized Inter Class matches of different games i.e. Kabaddi ,Ball Badminton , Volleyball, Boxing, Kho-Kho, Basket Ball, Football ,Chess and Handball for the students of the Kalindi College from 11th September to 16th  September 2018.


Fitness club under the Department of Physical Education organized a workshop on “Health Awareness through Yoga “ on 28th September 2017 for staff and students at Sangam Parisar. Resource persons Dr. H.S.Vadiraj, Research officer and Dr. Sangeeth Pai, Consultant with one of his volunteer Mr. Shalok came from Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy(Ministery of AYUSH, Govt. of India). A lecture was delivered by both the resource  persons on the benefits of Yoga and Meditation. A presentation was given by Dr.H. S. Vadiraj about concept of yoga, Principals of Yoga therapy, pranayams and Physiological effects of yoga on our body. Dr. Sangeet pai given the knowledge of different postures of Suryanamaskar and demonstration present by his volunteer  Mr. Shalok on all the 12 steps of Suryanamaskar. The staff members and students were benefitted with this healthy presentations.


Department organised Athletics Events for students of  Sports category and Non sports category on 18th and 19th January, 2018 in  which college students participated in  different races,shot put throw, long jump and recreational races.


Department of Physical Education organised  matches of  Badminton and cricket for teaching and non teaching staff from 16th January 2018 to 24th January 2018. It also organised Throw Ball match between women teaching staff and students where the teachers showcased their playing ability and strength.


Sports Society organized Invitational Inter College Tournament of Ball Badminton, Volleyball, Yoga, Chess and Carrom( for Divayang category) on 30th January to 1st February 2018. Students of different colleges of Delhi University participated in the tournaments. Our Yoga team won the IInd position and in Carrom our College Ravina won the First position and in Chess Deepa got IInd position . Chief Guest and Guest of Honour Mr Mukesh Jain Jt.sec. and CEO The National Trust and Dr Bipin Tiwari Co-ordinator EOC DU blessed the participators.


51st Annual Sports day was celebrated on 26th February 2018 .The programme began with the welcome ceremony of the chief guest Mr.Asit Singh, Jt. Secretary Ministry of Youth Affairs and   Guest of honours Mr.Dinesh Kumar Arjuna Awardee Kabaddi Player and Dr. Bipin Tiwari Deputy Dean Students DU by Principal Dr. Anula Mourya ,sports committee members and staff, followed by marching,oath taking ceremony and sports events. All the teaching and non teaching staff and students participated in different events like 100mts race,recreational races and musical chair.The trophies to outstanding  sports players and medals to winners were given by the guests. Yoga and Aerobics demonstration set the tone for the rest of the events.