ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


1. Video Production (5 months in association with RK Films & Media Academy, Delhi): For details, Call or WhatsApp at 09312237583. Classes shall be after regular College hours.

2. Photo Journalism (5 months in association with RK Films & Media Academy, Delhi): For details, Call or WhatsApp at 09312237583. Classes shall be after regular College hours.

3. Foreign Language (French)

4. Foreign Language (Chinese)

5. Travel and Tourism

6. Communication Skills and Personality Development

Co-ordinator: Dr. Ruchi Tyagi
In accordance with the guidelines provided by the University of Delhi, Kalindi College offers a few Short Term Add-on Courses with the objective of equipping the students with skills that provide them an added advantage and an edge in the intensely competitive job market of today’s globalizing world which may potentiate their knowledge received through the formal mainstream education system at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. These specialized, career-oriented courses will empower the students for self-employment and can be pursued along with their degree-level formal education as they are designed in a way that ensures a co-ordination between the two in terms of time-schedule and orientation. At the end of three years, the students will be equipped with a Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced diploma in the successfully completed Add-On Course along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/ Commerce stream.

Eligibility & Requirements for Add-On Certificate Courses:
1. The minimum qualification is passing a 10+2 examination. Outside students (girls and boys) may also apply. Admissions may be subject to screening. Students from other colleges / institutes and universities can also apply. International students also welcome.
2. In all short-term Add-on Courses, preference will be given to Kalindi students.
3. Admission form of Rs.50/- can be purchased from the College office during office hours (9am to 4pm; Monday to Friday; Except than College & Public Holidays). 
4. Fees may differ from course to course depending on the logistics and other requirements of each course. All fees will be deposited in the Canara Bank branch at Kalindi College.
5. Principal, Kalindi College will be the Ex-officio Director for all Add-on Certificate Courses and her decision, in case of any dispute, shall be final.

Add on courses offered in the year 2017-18:

Staff advisors:
• Ms. Sonia Kamboj, French language
• Ms. Charu Khanna, Chinese language
• Ms. Salma Rehman, Photo Journalism
• Dr. Manish Kumar, Travel and Tourism
• Mr. Ezra John, Video Production
• Dr. Chaity Das, Communication Skills and Personality Development

Administrative Assistant :
• Mr Jatinder Pal Singh, College Office