ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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Biochemical Society

Bio Chem Society of Kalindi College includes Botany, Zoology and Chemistry departments. This society was actively involved in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for life-Sciences and Applied Life-sciences students. With the introduction of honours courses in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, the Bio-Chem society now includes honours students of Botany,Zoology and Chemistry along with the Life-sciences (program) students. The Zoology Department has got responsibility of Biochemical Society in rotation to organize all of the functions to be performed during academic session of 2014-15.The department is actively engaged in organizing different activities under the Convenorship of Dr.KanchanBatra and Coconvenorshipof Dr.Varsha Singh and Dr.Vandana Rani, Department of Zoology, Kalindi College. The elections of Bio-Chemsociety for session 2014-15 were held on 03rd August, 2014(Wednesday) in Zoology Laboratory in the presence of facultymembers of Zoology, Botany & Chemistry Department and the list of elected candidates for various posts is given above.Biochemical Society organised two days activities on 27th Sept & 10th Oct, 2014 during the innovative Learning week. Aguest lecture was organised on 27th Sept 2014, in SangamParisar at 10:00 am, Dr.Gyan Prakash Sharma, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi, enlightened our students as well as the teachers on “Alien in the plant World”.The Biochem society students from the three years showed great enthusiasm and participated actively in all the events. The ANNUAL REPORT 2014-2015 37students showed a great interest in the talks. Along with the guest lecture, a welcome ceremony for the freshers was alsoorganized by the II and III year student which was followed by a cultural programme. The Annual Programme of the Bio-Chem-Society held on 10th October, 2014 in which intra-societal activities were organised. The activities were like- Poster-Making, Rangoli on Green Diwali, Management Activites Best Out of Waste and Spellathon (A Spelling Competition). All thewinners have been given prizes and certificates.

Excursion/Visit The Bio-Chem society has conducted one day excursion of 74 students to “Sultanpur National Park (The Bird Paradise),”Gurgaon (Haryana) to study the aquatic site and flora & fauna and to spread ecological awareness among the studentsunder guidance and supervision of Dr.Prem Prakash Saini, Dr.Tarkeshwar, Dr.KanchanBatra and Dr.Arunjeet on 16th Mar 2015 (Monday).