ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC
Pravah College Magazine
Pravah is the trilingual student magazine published by the college and released on Annual Day. Published in English, Hindi and Sanskrit, it provides students a platform to express themselves and showcases their preoccupations, thoughts and feelings, both through writing and their art work. Furthermore, the magazine also gives space to the photographs of the events and activities that the college organises throughout the year.
In this edition, we have included some creative pieces penned by Dr. Anita Gupta of the Hindi Department, who sadly passed away last year. Dr. Gupta was intimately connected to Pravah and for many years steered the Pravah Committee efficiently. She was very encouraging of students’ creative work towards the magazine and will be sorely missed by the college. We remember her and pray that her soul rest in peace. Her selected work displayed here are in the form of a memorial to her contribution to the college and particularly to the magazine.
The theme of Pravah this year is “Women in the Face of Modernity”. This topic is one that is relevant to our students particularly. Given the rapid changes that are taking place around us, are we as a society ready to look at how these transformations have affected women and their role in contemporary India? Even as the glass ceiling in many fields have been broken by pioneering young women, on a daily basis woman continue to be subjected to some of the worst discriminatory practices of orthodox customs, which resist giving up the traditional patriarchal bastions of privilege and entitlement. Our students therefore, examine how these entrenched prejudices influence and inform their lives, even as they find ways of negotiating with them to create spaces of freedom and self-expression for themselves.
No publication is the work of an individual; we have a number of colleagues and students to thank for their contribution. We are grateful to our Principal, Dr. Anula Maurya for her support and encouragement. We thank the Teachers in Charge and Conveners of Departmental Societies for their co-operation. We also thank the faculty of the Journalism Department for the photographs of the various committees. Last but certainly not the least, we are deeply appreciative of the hard work put in by the entire team of student editors: Khansa Kubra and Mehak Khurshied, both from III BA(H) English (English Section), Jyoti and Vandana, both from III BA(H) Hindi (Hindi Section), and Geetanjali Thakur III BA(H) Sanskrit (Sanskrit Section).