ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”


Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


Computer Sc. Department (Kalindi College)



  • Workload
  • Timetable
  • Spoken Tutorials


  • Dr. Vandana Gupta
  • Reena Jain
  • Academic calendar
  • Physcom
  • Departmental Activities

Ms. Shalini Sharma (verification and supervision)

  • Ms. Ramya
  • Ms. Rajani
  • Dr. Reena Jain

(Event capturing , reporting and PPT slides making)

  • Student Progression and placement


  • Dr. Reena Jain   B.Tech
  • Mr. Krishan Kumar B.sc(H)  III Yr.
  • Mr. Sushil Malik PS III Yr
  • Mr. Yogendra  BA III

Course completion report

(Hard Copy submission)



  • Mr. Yogendra

(to be submitted by each faculty)

Data Collection and submission (both soft and hard copy)

  • Faculty Profile
  • Faculty-wise
    • Paperwise Work Plan
    • Paperwise Guidelines
    • Details of the research work done during 2017-18 by staff and students both

Ms. Anshula

  • E-newsletter
  • Department Display Board



  • Mr. Pankaj


  • Placements
  • Internships



  • Ms. Ramya

Website uploads

  • Faculty Profile
  • Faculty-wise
    • Paperwise Work Plan
    • Paperwise Guidelines
    • · Physcom/ departmental  events (as and when required)


  • Mr. Krishan Kumar



                 Result Analysis

  • Teacherwise
  • Prize list for annual day
  • Analysis as per NAAC requiremants




Ms. Nidhi Arora

Final Year

  • B.Tech IV Yr – Mr. Pankaj
  • Hons III yr- Mr. Krishan Kumar
  • I yr Hons – Dr. Vandana
  • II yr Hons- Ms Anshula


Ms. Sweety

  • II yr (PS and BA ) – Ms. Rajani,
  • I Yr (PS and BA)-Ms Ramya
  • PS III Yr- Sushil Malik
  • BA III Yr- Mr.  Yogendra


Infrastructure (hardware/software/furniture and others)

  • New requirements
  • Maintenance


  • Ms. Mamta
  • Ms. Aasha


Institutional Repository

  • Mr. Sushil Malik
  • Mr. Yogendra

Book Requirements

  • Mr. Yogendra  (Hons )
  • Ms. Rajani (PS and BA)

Departmental Grievance committee

  • Ms. Shalini Sharma
  • Dr. Vandana Gupta


Record Keeping

  • Leave Register
  • Notice Register
  • Register for minutes of the departmental meetings
  • Duty register( like anti ragging/ counselling etc)
  • Lab Complaint register ( for each lab)
  • Lab attendance register (for each lab)


  • Departmental/TIC notices file
  • Submitted applications file
  • Lab Staff Duty list