ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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ECO CLUB of  Kalindi College University of Delhi is a multidimensional, highly active society that runs in coordination with the department of environment, Govt of NCT of Delhi. The Eco Club play an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation.
Eco club is group of teachers and students dedicated to making our campus less wasteful, raising awareness for eco-friendly causes and promoting environmentally friendly habits like reducing, reusing and recycling.
The main objectives of eco club include:
  1. Motivate the students to keep their surroundings greenand clean by undertaking plantation of trees.
  2. Sensitize the students to minimize the use of plastic bags, not to through them in public places as they choke drains and sewers, cause water lagging and provide breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  3. Organize tree plantation programmes, awareness programme such as quiz, essay, painting competition, rallies, Nukkad Natak etc regarding various environmental issues.
  4. Build attitude to help individuals and social groups acquire a set of values and felling of concern for environment and the motivation for actively participating in environmental implement and protection.
  5. Teach skill to students to help individual for identify and solve environmental problems.
Activities of Eco Club: in our campus activities of eco club includes:
  • Plantation of saplings in the college campus.
  • Maintenance of existing saplings.
  • Environmental awareness programme within the campus
  • Competition like quiz, slogan writing, posterpainting.
  • Seminar and panel discussions.
  • Raising awareness using power point.
  • Installation of waste bins.
  • The students are also exposed to various field activities such as visit to natural ecosystems, bird watching sites and biodiversity parks to create enthusiasm regarding issues pertaining to environmental sustainability.  
Members of Eco-Club Committee
  • Dr. Seema Sahdev (Convener)
  • Dr. Manish Kumar (Co-Convener)
  • Dr. Usha Pathak
  • Dr. Shashi Bhushan
  • Ms. Geeta Kumari
  • Mr. Jitendra Rishideo
Activities organized by Eco-club, Kalindi College (during 2018-19). Eco-club of  Kalindi College is a highly active society that organizes number of environmental awareness programme and projects from time to time.
Paper Recycling Unit – our society manages and collect waste paper generated from college and convert it into recycled paper for reuse in laboratory.
Lecture on Health Awareness

Eco Club organised lecture on Health Awareness on 01.08.2018. In which honourable Dr. Ashok Varshney, National Sanyojok Arogya Bharti, aware the students about General Diet and Life style. He highlighted the importance of general health and laid stress on intake of healthy diet. He also made the students alert about themselves showing various symptoms of anaemia and calcium deficiency. Dr. Ashok also discussed about the main cause of illness which may not notice due to ignorance and explained preventive health care practices. Vaedye Deepak, Ayueveda-Medicinal plant Executive showed various plants to prevent from dengue, Chikungunya and other seasonal epidemic fever. Principal Dr. Anula Maurya addressed on the need of such inter disciplinary and general lecture for the benefit of students.

Students of Eco Club participated in programme on climate Jamboree: Youth movement

About 10 students participated in the programme climate Jamboree: Youth movement with a mission; to empower the youth to take ownership of creating sustainable future for themselves organised by TERI school of Advanced studies at Tyagraj Stadium, New Delhi on 1st to 3rd November 2018. Nitya Tyagi, Mayuri Prajapati and Kanushi Sabhawal of Geography First Year participate in water and sanitation discussion and gave solutions about water crises. Shristi Pandey, Shreya Mishra and Kalindi Gulati Participated in Urban Forest and Biodiversity Seminar. Shristi Pandey and Shreya Mishra were selected to represent her discussion group in front of the panelist and awarded with dell digital ruff pad as a token of appreciation. Shristi Pandey won third prize in the quiz competition on the topic disaster preparedness and was awarded with Rs. 5000/- cheque and a certificate.

Workshop on Anti Pollution Diwali

An event was organised by Eco Club on 5th November 2018 to spread message of Änti-pollution Diwali” with a motto of celebrating green Diwali. The chief Guest for the event was Dr. Arjun Khanna from All India institute of medical science. He talked about various aspects related to pollution. He suggested various preventive measures like to wear mask, use air purifier etc. After his lecture, a question –answer round was held in which teachers and students asked questions about how to get rid of pollution and the diseases spread due to pollution.

Annual Eco Fest: ECO CHALLENGERS-2019 

On 8th April Eco Club organised annual Eco Fest: ECO CHALLENGERS-2019 on theme “Incubating Innovative Ideas by Youth on Environmental Issues” in which a panel discussion was organised on topic “Need for Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Challenges and Possibilities”. The esteemed panellists were Prof. Haseena hashia (JMI), Prof.  Bupinder Zutshi (JNU), Prof. Vinay Maitri (SPA) and Dr. Amir Ali Khan (NIDM). After the panel discussion training programme was organised on theme “Disaster Preparedness, Rescue and Rehabilitation Techniques” by Dr. Amir Ali Khan (NIDM).

Various competitions i.e Open the Mic, Treasure Hunt, Tackle the Trash were organised on the theme. Depika and Vaishanavi got first prize in Tackle the Trash, Anshu got frist Prize in Open the Mic and team of Nitya Tyagi, Gauri, Himani and Nidhi got first prize in Tressure hunt.