ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


Eco Club

Annual Report 2015-16



Convener: Dr Shekh Moinuddin
Co-Convener: Dr Sudesh Bhardwaj
Eco club is functional with the financial support of Department of Environment, Govt. of Delhi. Eco club provides a platform to promote the environmental protection and sensitize the students and faculty members as well, to make green and clean campus through best practices.
The following programme has been initiated;
  1. Eco Club initiated ‘Adopt a Treeprogram to promote green and clean campus and environmental awareness programme in the college. Every Department have been asked to adopt a tree programme in the assigned location and maintain the natural growth including the maintenance of that tree through the best practices. 
  2. Eco Club organized one day competition on 6th October, 2015 at 10:00 am nearby canteen area. The program was attended by more than hundred students in different activities. The activities included; Wild-flower arrangement, Best out of waste, Essay competition on environmental issues and slogan writing on ‘swachh bharat’.
  3. Eco Club members actively participated in Diwali Mela held on November 4, 2015 where members of eco club shown eco friendly goods and demonstrated about the benefits of eco friendly atmosphere.
  4. A LOGO competition was held on February 10, 2016 for Eco Club when student of all discipline participated and made logo. The competition was organized in order to provide a logo to the eco club as well.
  5. Eco Club organized a lecture cum screening of a documentary movie on e waste on 9th March, 2016 to aware the hazards nature of e waste in mundane ways. Mr Manoj Kandpal (B Tech., Assistant Manager at E-Parisarra Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru based firm) had delivered a lecture and shows a documentary on the topic.