ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


Kalindi College Economics Society (KaCes) had a momentous academic year this time with a multitude of events being organized throughout the year. The society had a grand opening ceremony on the 20 th September 2017.New members of the department were welcomed whole heartedly. Not only this, an informative lecture on “Career Options for Young Graduates” was delivered. On 3 rd November 2017, the investitures ceremony took place where the new office bearers took an oath and sealed their given set of formal responsibilities. Also, an insightful lecture was delivered on the topic-“Personality Development” A seminar on Stock Markets was conducted to promote financial literacy. The seminar was conducted in association with BSE and gave the students an essence of the fascinating world of stock markets in India and abroad. Several other seminars were organized, the topics were- How to Construct A Good CV. MBA as a Career Path and UPSC preparation. The annual economic fest ARTHASAAR’18 proved to be a grand event with wider participation from all over Delhi. The sub-events conducted were as follows: -

● A mock stock was organized, participants were given situations and scenarios under
which they had to take the best decision and do trading using their business sense.
● A paper presentation competition was held wherein some really creative
presentations on topics like “Bitcoin and Blockchain” ,”is Capitalism and Open
Market Economy the Perfect Mix for Public Welfare?” ,”Can Economic
Intermediation Be a Method to Stop North Korea from its Nuclear Ways?”.
● A dance competition was held with the theme-“Women Empowerment” and similarly
a street play competition in which several teams from different collages participated. .
The winners were awarded with cash prizes and hampers. The hard work of the society bore
fruit. The events were conducted successfully and with great sense of enthusiasm.

Mr. Atul Gupta from TIME briefing about career options after graduation to the crowd.


Opening Ceremony (Fresher’s) Theme- Bon Voyage


Date-4th November 2017

Investiture Ceremony


Date- 21st December,2017

Lecture on Personality development by Shilpi Rahi


Event 1 – Paper Presentation on topics:


Event 2- NAVRAS- solo dance competition

Judged by: Devasmita Sharma, Ragini Bhanjanka and Drishti Walia.




Guest of Honour- Mrs. Meenakshi Dutt talking about women empowerment.


Event 4- AUTARKY- discovering the inner you

Best utilization of waste material



Event 5- CHAUPAL

Judged by- Astha Madaan and Barry Johns.







20 September 2017


Kalindi College Economics Society had a grand opening ceremony. A seminar on ‘Career Options’

for young graduates’ was also organised by Mr Atul Gupta & Mr Amit Banger from T.I.M.E.



3 November 2017


The office bearers took the oath to seal their given formal responsibilities. Also, an insightful lecture was delivered by Ms.Shilpi Rahi on the topic "Personality Development" 


16th January 2018


Workshop on Financial literacy and scholarship test by Mr Sachin Agarwal & Ms Kanika Chauhan from BSE. It was an insightful session by Bombay stock exchange as to how important it is to learn the art of investing in today's world.



18th January 2018


A workshop was conducted by Mr Dhrubajyoti Banik from IMS on the topic 'What after Graduation' which gave a very new perspective to the career options that we have and how to get the best from these opportunities.


24th January 2018


A seminar by Mr Sanoujam Singh & Ms Sonam Kapoor from CAREER LAUNCHER was conducted on various avenues for MBA aspirants and their scope in India.


31 January 2018

A fruitful seminar was conducted in association with Inkpot Online,where Mr.Rahul Grover and Ms Pulki Mittal spoke about how to manage studies. Both of them being educational consultant ,the seminar proved to be very helpful for the students.



9 Febuary 2018

KaCes conducted a seminar on “marketing strategies” in association with ILAM EMINENT STRATEGIES. The speaker was DR. Badal Sharma.



28 Febuary 2018

IMS.The speaker ,who was Mr.Durbajyoti Banik taught the students the art of making a good CV


28 Febuary 2018

A session was conducted by inkpot online whereby the speaker Mr.Rahul Mittal guided the students regarding their respective courses and encouraged the students to study hard and also smartly for their upcoming exams. 

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