ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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Kalindi College 

Academic Activities of Geography Department 2017-18 odd semester




Inaugural function, 2017-18

The Department of geography organized the inauguration function to facilitate the first batch of Geography honours students for the academic year 2017-2018, which held on 18th September 2017, Wednesday at 2:00 PM. The program started with the inaugural function at the seminar hall, where the gathering has been addressed by Dr. Anula Maurya, Principle, followed by Ms. Seema Sahdev, the head of the department. The achievements, future plan and activities of the department were explicated by Dr. Manish Kumar, Assistant professor. The invited guest of this program was Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Associate Professor, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, Delhi; who delivered his lecture on “Plate Tectonic Theory”. He explained this theory with good pictorial example and nice presentation with all related aspects. His talk was very interesting to our students which will surely help to develop the understanding of present continental formation and inside activity.
This purpose of organizing this orientation program was to have an interaction of first year honors students with student union of department for year 2017-18. Further those different members of the student union introduced themselves and presented their outline of department for the upcoming year. Finally the session ended at 1.00Pm with vote of thanks by Dr.Ashok Kumar.

Glimpses of Inaugural Function



Figure: Capture moments of Inauguration, attendance, oath and lecture by Dr. Pankaj Kumar.




The Department of Geography organised educational field trips to Arravali and Yamuna Biodiversity Park for the Environmental Studies, which was conducted on 25th & 26th September and 28th October as part of the syllabus. The trip were organised for three different days for three groups of students, where first two groups visited to Yamuna Biodiversity Park, an area of approximately 457 acres near Wazirabad village in north part of Delhi . A group of students visited to Arravali Biodiversity Park, an area of 692 acres near Vasant Kunj in south Delhi, which is situated on the oldest Arravali mountain of India. The aim of this visit was to promote the education and training on environmental awareness and conservation process of nature. During their visit to the park, students were interacted with various sections and zones of the park focussing on the natural conservation, regeneration and heterogeneity of plants and animals with the help of experts and local working people. The students visited all major components of the visitor zone; i.e. ‘conservatory of medicinal plants', ‘butterfly garden', ‘rangelands', ‘sacred grove', ‘acacia woodland', ‘migratory ducks’ wetland', ‘resident ducks’ wetland’, ‘conservatory of fruit-yielding species, poly house, net house, bamboo bridge and herbal garden, etc. The visit of these parks offered a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and aware themselves towards importance of nature and it’s adaptability with the growth of human civilization. There trips also helped them in terms of understanding the different biodiversity and species of flora and fauna along with indigenous species of plants and animals and of aquatic life. Groups were led through the park on a predetermined nature trail and this is a location where education on environment, sustainable development and conservation is being imparted at a primary, secondary and tertiary level. 

Glimpses of Environmental Trips:

Day 1




Day2 :

Day 3:





Fig.2 Our Guest is giving marks to the participants in the Photography and Slogan writing competition