ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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History was the subject amongst other courses which was introduced in its year of inception i.e. 1967. Mrs. R.P. Yadav, Dr.Joginder Kaur Chawla, Mrs. R. Sanwalika and Dr.ShashiSagar comprised the first faculty of the department followed by Mrs. M.B. Mathur, Mrs. S Sandhir, Dr.SarojDutta, Dr. Anjali Malik, Dr.RiniPundir and Dr.GarimaPrakash in the latter years. The founder Principle Dr. Shiva Dua who herself was a historian introduced B.A. History Honours within three years (1970-71) of the establishment of the college. The department has always been active in the academic and cultural life of the college in various capacities, being from advisors to students to organising national seminars and cultural festivals apart from contributing in the examination and admission process.
The has a History Society named DHAROHAR which organises various awareness programmes related to historical learning and also organises trips for the students in and around Delhi. The department has also organised historical trips for the students. The students have been taken to Qutub Minar, Tughlaqabad Fort, National Museum, Agra, Shimla and Udaipur. Department of History was the first to hold National Seminar in History sponsored by UGC in the year 2006-07.The department has instituted few prizes for the meritorious students studying history: Shakuntala Devi- Banwari Lal Memorial prize, Ramswaroop-Mahadevi Memorial prize, G.L. Sandhir Prize and History Teachers Prize. We are proud to be part of Kalindi fraternity.
Career Opportunities
Armed with a degree in History, a wide scope of careers is open to students, namely, Academics ( Art, History, Gender & Cultural studies, etc.); Media and Journalism; Civil Services; Fine arts and Performing Arts; Writing/Publishing; Law; Human Resources Departments etc.