ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC

IQAC IN ACTION (2017-18)

1. IQAC meeting was on 30th August 2017 to discuss earlier development and action plan for 2017-18.

2. The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) 2016-17: As an accredited institution, Kalindi College is obliged to submit the AQAR. This report was placed in IQAC meeting held on 30th August 2017. With insertions of all suggestions, The AQAR was submitted in December 2017.

3. Organized Inter-Departmental Academic Audit;

4. Organized Inter-Departmental Administrative Audit;

5. Initiated process and mechanism for Institutional Repository;

6. For maintenance and assurance of quality, IQAC conducted review visits of academic, administrative and financial activities and facilities in the college;

The schedule of Review visits:

01 Sep. 2017 -  02 p.m. Chemistry; &          03 p.m.  Physics

04 Sep. 2017 -  02 p.m. Botany; 03 p.m. Zoology; &       4 p.m. Music

05 Sep. 2017 - 02 p.m. Computer Science; 03 p.m. Journalism &       4 p.m. Geography

19 Sep.2017 – 02 p.m. Students Facilities

18 Apr. 2018 -  02 p.m. Chemistry &          03 p.m.  Physics

19 Apr. 2018 -  02 p.m. Botany; 03 p.m. Zoology &       4 p.m. Music

20 Apr. 2018 - 02 p.m. Computer Science; 03 p.m. Journalism &       4 p.m. Geography

24 Apr. 2018 - 02 p.m. Library

24 Apr. 2018 - 02 p.m. Office;                    03 p.m.  Accounts

26 Apr.2018 – 02 p.m. Students Facilities   02 p.m. AO & SPA

7. Convened General Assembly of students, student’s response was recorded and submitted to Principal, who further directed to all concerned for necessary action


Students participated



I Year

IQAC Core Committee


II Year

IQAC Core Committee

06 Sep. 2017

III Year

IQAC Core Committee


I Year

Dr. Utpal Kumar, Dr. Sudesh & All TICs


II Year

Ms. Sonia Kamboj, Dr. M. Arunjit Singh & All TICs


III Year

Dr. K. Vandana Rani, Dr. Deepak Yadav & All TICs

 8. Created mechanism for feedback of all stake-holders, including students, differently abled students, teachers, parents, alumni, and non-teaching staff

9. Convened meetings with teaching and non-teaching staff;

10. Efforts are being made for on-line feedback mechanism;

11. Encouraging teaching and non-teaching staff to conduct frequent training and development programmes

12. Committees were channelized for required follow-up of out-station students; Social Responsibilities & Extension Activities; Skill Development; IBSD Kalindi Centre; Management of Write-off, Waste Management, e-Waste; Students’ Services; Wall Magazine & Newsletter; Infrastructure including Furniture: Maintenance, Arrangement & Cleanliness;

13. Attendance committee was requested to encourage online attendance uploading and updating;

14. Website committee was requested to ensure regular website update;

15.  Conveners of Cultural Clubs were motivated to make their clubs more vibrant and active and to maintain record of participation of their members at inter-college level.

16.  Two-day Skill Enhancement Inter-College Workshop for Laboratory Staff
  • IQAC organized Two-day Skill Enhancement Inter-College Workshop for Laboratory Staff, in association with all science departments of the college, on 13-14 March, 2018.
  • Professor Ramesh Chandra, Head of Department, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi; Former Vice-Chancellor, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi inaugurated the Workshop. Principal Dr. Anula Maurya gave the Welcome Address. Mr. Ashok Arora, well-known lawyer and motivational speaker was the resource person for Soft Skill Session and distributed Certificates to all participants.
  • Dr. Ruchi Tyagi, Coordinator, IQAC and Dr. Divya Verma were the Coordinators of the Workshop. 32 participants from Kalindi College and 31 from 11 other colleges benefitted from the workshop.
  • The Workshop was widely appreciated by the Laboratory Staff, who requested to organize such workshops in future as well.


IQAC IN ACTION (2016-17)

  1. A meeting of IQAC Steering Committee, with Principal in Chair, was convened on 21 November 2016 to open the Peer Team report that was handed over to the Principal by the NAAC Peer Team during Exit Meeting on 10 September 2016.
  2. Meeting of IQAC was held on 14th January 2017 to discuss the NAAC Peer Team report. It was suggested that the Peer Team report should be divided in two parts of (a) Action Taken and (b) Action to be taken
  3. IQAC held separate meetings with all departments and committees to discuss the Peer Team suggestions, required follow up and the future course of action.
  4. IQAC has collaborated with Baba Ramdev Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Prasad Nagar and taken initiative to provide its students the required academic support. For the purpose, IQAC has involved the College NSS Unit and the Department of Commerce. For the purpose, Ms. Nidhi Kapoor and team of students Department of Commerce visited the school and assisted the Class XII students in preparing the Accounts syllabi for their forthcoming Board Exams.
  5. Every department has been requested to conduct Inter-Departmental Academic Audit in every semester.
  6. Efforts have been made for internal administrative audit as well. Separate committees have been formed for stock verification and physical verification of laboratories. Frequent review visits have been conducted record upkeep and verification etc. 
  7. Initiative has been taken to ensure collection, compilation and analysis of Feedback of all stake holders including students, teaching faculty, non-teaching staff, parents and alumni. Separate committees have been formed for the purpose and have been requested to revert with major comments, grievances and action taken report.
  8. Learning from earlier experiences of Parents-Teachers-Students-Interface (PTSI), where the presence of parents was not very encouraging, IQAC suggested to organize one common “Open House” of parents, teachers and students. Apart from interaction, it would also provide a platform to showcase students’ talent through some selected extra-curricular activities.
  9. IQAC has requested every Department and Co-curricular Units/Cultural Clubs/Societies/ Committees to Report to SPA & keep the Website updated within one week one of the said activity.
  10. Faculty Development Programme is being conducted in association with Department of Political Science, Kalindi College and Department of Political Science, University of Delhi on 6th April, 2017.
  11. IQAC has also resolved to organize training workshops for teaching and non-teaching staff in the coming months.
IQAC stands by the philosophy of Prof. Anita Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Governing Body and University representative in IQAC:

“Happy for Result, Work for Road Ahead & plan for Future”