ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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 The Academic Society of Journalism Department is 'Kalindi Society of Media Studies', popularly  known as SAHAAFAT.



Name: Sahaafat

Official e-mail id - sahaafatk@gmail.com

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Activities done by the society


Media Fest- Monochrome 2018

A one-day Inter-College Media festival was organized by the Department of Journalism, Kalindi College, University of Delhi on the 27th of March. The fest that hosted its third season with the theme “Living the uncut” brought together renownsed media professionals from the broadcast industry. Senior journalist Mr. Panini Anand, Television Anchor Ms. Pooja Shali, Radio Jockey Mr. Rahul Makin and Trans-gender rights activist Ms. Rudrani Chhetri were some of the prominent faces that graced the occasion. Addressing the students at the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Anand laid emphasis on the convergence of media and information overload that the audiences are subjected to. Based on her field experience, Ms. Shali advised the young aspirants to be ready to tackle criticism bravely and know the difference between activism and journalism.


The inaugural ceremony was followed by a theatre performance by the members of the Sukhmanch theatre group that also marked the beginning of the Street Theatre competition. The RJ Hunt competition was one of the major attractions of the festival with RJ Rahul Makin entertaining the audiences. The festival witnessed enormous participation of students from various media colleges who displayed their talent and creative skills in competitions like On-the-spot Photography, on-the-spot Mobile Ad-film Making, Debate and Slam poetry amongst others.


Report – Lecture on Documentary Production by Ms. Kanika Tiku (Double Roti Films)


A lecture on Documentary Production was organised as a part of a ten day workshop by Departmaent of Journalism on Media, Gender and Human Rights. To speak on the production of documentary film-making, Ms. Kanika Tiku (Double Roti Films) was invited on 21st August, 2017. Ms. Kanika has worked on documentaries for Discovery Channel like Revealed – Rashtrapati Bhavan, Revealed – Line of Control, Revealed NDA and many more.

Objective: The aim of the guest lecture on Documentary Production was to acquaint students with the art and how its structure is different from fiction.


Outcome: The lecture was based on the aspects of documentary production. The lecture was attended by all the three years of B.A. (Hons.) Journalism. It primarily focused on different stages of documentary film-making viz. a viz. Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Ms. Kanika with her 7 years of experience in documentary film-making shared her experiences especially the struggling moments while shooting for documentaries. She emphasized on how the planning stage for any product is of utmost importance. She also encourged students to work on documentaries which can bring a change in the society. The session proved to be interactive and informative, which delved into a complete fundamental know-how on the art of documentary film-making for students of Journalism. 


Report – On-the-Spot Mobile PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION 


A Intra-college On-the-Spot Mobile Photography Competition was organised by the Department of Journalism and the Photography & Film Society on 14th August, 2017. The theme for the mobile photography competition was Transformation. The theme with varied visual representations and meaning was portrayed through the photographs of the participants. The event witnessed a huge foot-fall from all courses.


Objectives: The main objective to organise the event was to popularize photography as an art among the students. It helped them look beyond the selfie culture which is now-a-days popular among the students. The theme triggered their imagination and helped them to think out of the box.


Outcome: The Mobile Photography Competition recorded a whooping 108 registrations from Kalindi College students. The competition recorded a total of 55 entries with students from Economics, Life Sciences, Political Science, B.Com., Hindi, Physics, English, Chemistry, B.Voc. and Journalism. These young photography enthusiasts demonstrated their visual aesthetic talent by clicking one photograph on the theme: 'Transformation'. These budding photographers believed that the competition provided them a platform to recognise their hidden talent as a photograph says thousand words. It also helped them understand and accept a necessary shift from the selfie culture to experiencing the world around.