ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC
National Cadet Corps (NCC), which comes under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, was established in 1917 to supplement the strength of the Indian Army. It focuses on the development of the cadet at the physical, mental, social and intellectual levels. It inculcates the qualities of courage, fellow-feeling, discipline, leadership and a secular perspective. It also instils a spirit of selfless service, sportsmanship and untiring dedication to duty. The objective is to create human resource through organizational training of goal-oriented youth, who can assist the armed forces and serve the nation.NCC organizes many camps throughout the year in which the youth are trained professionally by experts from the Army, Navy and Air Wing. Cadets are awarded 'B' and 'C' certificates, which enable them to obtain 5-10% advantage in securing employment with Armed forces, Police and CRPF. In addition, NCC also providesvarious kinds of scholarships. Camps in adventure sports including parasailing, firing,paragliding and hot air balloons are organized every year. Besides, it also holds National Integration Camp (NIC), Basic Leadership Camp (BLC) and Annual Training Camp (ATC).
NCC REPORT (2017-18)
NCC REPORT (2016-17)

NCC REPORT(2015-16) 

  • 100 cadets participated in yoga camp on 11thjune -21stjune 2015 at delhicantt
  • S.U.O ArtiRana&CDT Jyoti were participated in Inter Directorate Shooting Championship at West Bengal on 14thAUG - 24TH .AUG 2015
  • J.U.O Monika, SGT Gatika ,S.U.OHansaShri, J.U.O Archana,SGTSuman, SGT Parmila, participated in PRE THAL SAINIK CAMP on 14thjuly - 24thjuly 2015 at delhicantt.
  • J.U.O Monika, SGT Gatikawere THAL SAINIK CAMP Finalist, attended camp on 18thsept-28thsept 2015 at delhicant.
  • J.U.O Priya , SGT Rukhsar, CPL Preety, CDT Priya , CDT Raginee, SGT Kajal participated in NATIONAL INTEGRATION CAMP JAMMU 2015 FROM 24thoct -4thnov 2015. & CDT RagineeWon the first prize in solo dance competition.  A.N.O Lt. Arti Singh also part of this camp.
  • S.U.O Nidhi Sharma, S.U.O Hansa Shri & J.U.O Manisha participated in PRE REPUBLIC DAY CAMP on 29th oct -8th nov at safdarjung.
  • S.U.O Nidhi Sharma, S.U.O Hansa Shri & J.U.O Archana, SGT Parmila participated in AMAR JAWAN JYOTI Oon 21st.nov. 2015 at INDIA GATE.
  • S.U.O Nidhi Sharma, S.U.O Hansa Shri participated in FINAL REPUBLIC DAY CAMP on 30th.dec -30thjan 2016 at Delhi cantt.
  • SGT Parmila,CPLPreetkaur, CPL Sapna participated in P.M. RALLY2016 & Performing PARA SLITHERING ON 28TH JAN 2016 at PARADE GROUND Delhi Cantt.
  • S.U.O ArtiRana, J.U.O Archana, SGT Uzma. SGT Kajal, CDT Sana,CDTPooja participated in P.M. RALLY2016 & Performing PARA SELLING ON 28TH JAN 2016 at PARADE GROUND Delhi Cantt.
  • UDAAN NCC FEST 16TH.March.2016
  • Under the surveillance of A.N.O Lt.Arti Singh NCC Fest "UDAAN" of KALINDI COLLEGE was organized on 16th.march.2016 .the CHEIF GUEST was the Group Commander of NCC Headquarter GROUP-B, Brig. UdaiYadav.
  • In the fest our 8 Cadets did GUARD OF HONOUR & 4 Cadets did PILOTING for our honourablecheifGuest , 20 cadets performed Dance & Yoga, 10 Cadets performed SECTION ATTACK PLAY,  And all the remaining cadets of our College participated as VOLUNTEERS.
  • There were 4 competitions for participantes of different colleges such as: Quarter Guard, Squad Drill, Best Cadet, Group Dance & Group Song Competitions.
  • In between the programme RANK CEREMONY held for the cadets, where they get Rank from honourableCheif Guest.
  • At last the fest was ended after awarding the prizes to the winners with a grand success of UDAAN NCC FEST - 2016