ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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North East and Foreign Students’ Cell (2017-18)

The North East is a region of India that we know very little about, and this applies mainly to the cultural and social constituents which make the region so rich in its diversity. Every year the number of students coming from the north east to Delhi for higher education is growing manifold. Delhi University receives the largest proportion of these aspiring students which is a very challenging for the University and its affiliate colleges. Delhi University has taken many steps to promote the interest of the students coming from north east. The North East cell in Kalindi College is one of the oldest in Delhi University, constituted in 2012, even before the Government of India directive was notified for having such cells in Government supported academic institutions. Since 2012 Kalindi College has been organizing various awareness programmes and events to disseminate knowledge and information about the region and its people through the North East Cell of the college. Students coming from the eight north eastern states (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland Tripura and Sikkim) not only participate but also take active part in organizing programmes under this Cell. Time to time the cell also organizes motivational lectures; conduct counseling and safety workshops for the benefit of the students. Presently there are about 45 students from different states in the north east enrolled in different departments.

  • North-east, frontier and Foreign Students’ Cell of Kalindi College began the academic year with orientation program on 2nd August 2017, for the newly admitted students coming from north eastern frontier region of India. This program was also conducted for foreign students who are pursuing their degrees from this college. Students were given information about various courses, cells, committees and activities, to help them aware of the facilities and infrastructure provided by the college.

  • The objective of this event was to sensitize the students coming from different cultural background from India as well as across the globe. This would help them to have an amicable and conducive atmosphere in the campus leveraging equality, sensitivity towards other culture and promoting a sense of fraternity among the students as well as the faculty.

  • On 25 September, 2017 Cell organized a talk on issues of diversity and marginality. Dr. Dharitri Narzary Chakravarty, from Ambedkar University, Delhi and Dr. Ramananda from Kirori Mal college, University of Delhi delivered lecture and make the students understand about the issues. The outcome of the program saw an enormous appreciation by the students coming from these above-mentioned regions. They got the opportunity to adopt and adapt to each other’s culture, lifestyle and much more. One of the unique points was that local students, too, got a platform to interact with them thereby extending hands of friendship. The faculty members, too, appreciated the move and were made also aware of their distinct culture, language and lifestyle.

  • On 27th February 2018, Cell organized first inter-college North East cultural fest ‘Serendipity 2018’ chief guest Dr. Kennedy, from department of Anthropology, university of Delhi and our special guest Prof. Sangit Ragi, department of political science, university of Delhi and Principal Ma’am Dr. Anula Maurya inaugurated the festival. Total 8 colleges of Delhi University participated in solo singing and traditional group dance competition.



North East and Foreign students' cell conducted orientation programme for  the newly admitted students from North East and Foreign countries.