ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


(Academic society of Physics and Computer Science Departments)

Staff Advisors:

Conveners          : Dr. Pushpa Bindal, Dr. Vandana Gupta

Co-Conveners     : Ms. Shalini Sharma , Dr. Triranjita Srivastava 

 The Office Bearers for the Session 2016-2017

1) President             - Parnika Tondon (Bsc (H) Computer Science (III year))

2) Vice President    - Shiwangi Puri ( Bsc (H) Physics (III year))

3) Secretary            - Mink Singh Chauhan (CS (H) ,II year) 

4) Secretary            - Deepanshi Makkar (CS(H) ,II year)

5) Joint Secretary  - Tulika Singh (CS(H) ,II year) 

6) Joint Secretary  - Himanshi (Physical Science, II year)

7) Treasurer           - Shatakshi Chamoli (Physics(H) ,II year) 


Physcom society is an Academic society of Physics and Computer Science Departments. It is a union of three courses- Physics (H), Computer Science (H) and Physical Sciences. It conducts various lectures on the contemporary scientific topics by eminent speakers every year, educational trips to research institutes, quizzes, Paper Presentation etc.

Selection of Office Bearers is done following a tough screening and interview process by the faculty.Physcom Society every year organizes workshops and events for the overall growth and development of students. In this society, students participate actively in various competitions,showing originality, exceptional creativity and dedication in their pursuits.

 Events held in 2017-18

    1. Electro-Tech: On, 12 September, 2017(Wednesday) an opening ceremony of Physcom Society “Electro-tech” took place at Sangam Parisar.

Events held in 2016-17

    1. Workshop on Latex and Statistical Techniques
      On 24th- 25th, October, 2016, a Skill Development Workshop on Latex and Statistical Techniques was organized by the Computer Science and Mathematics Department of Kalindi College, University of Delhi.

    2. Workshop on Mobile Application Development Using Android
      Speakers were invited from IBM. Workshop was attended by all the faculty members and students of CS Dept. Ms. Shumaila Anees Centre Manager of HeadStart Education, business partner of IBM started interaction session showing different projects in which I.B.M is involved.

    3. Power Point Presentation Competition
      Computer Science Department of Kalindi College organized a Power Point Presentation Competition on 28th September 2016, Wednesday, in Lab 1 of the department. Five students participated in the event and time limit given for presentation was 10 min. Dr. Sushil Malik and Mr. Pankaj Sambyal, Assistant Professors from Computer Science Department ,judge the event. Following students participated in the event.