ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


Name of Society:  Quiz  (Brain Twister)

Purpose :

Entertainment, Latest Who is Who, Important National Days, Awards and Honours, Nobel Personalities, Important Inventions, Science and Technology, Current Affairs If one is fascinated by this ocean of knowledge then G.K. Quiz is what to look at. Quizzing keeps you abreast with the latest and past happenings and improves observation and concentration levels .To excel anywhere in life diversity of knowledge is important and this platform equips students with all this. Quiz Society of the college is aimed at this direction.
Annual Report:
In the year 2015-16 a total of 105 students got themselves registered for this society. Throughout the year students were asked to come prepared with a particular area and question answer sessions were held .It was a team work and joint efforts were put by both students and teachers in this learning process.
On 3rd February 2016 written auditions were held for finalizing the college team for inter college competitions. Twenty three students appeared in the test .On 10th February 2016 final round of oral auditions were held and the following four students were selected to represent the college:
  1. Smriti Raman                Maths(H) I Yr.
  2. Kirti Sharma                 B.Sc(PS) I Yr.
  3. Kiran                            English(H) II Yr.
  4. Kanchan                       Physics(H) I Yr.
Team Members:
  1. Dr. Punita Verma (Convenor, Physics Department)
  2. Dr. Vandana Gupta (Co-Convenor, Computer Sc. Department)
  3. Ms. Richa Mani (History Department)
  4. Mr. Jaspal (History Department)
  5. Mr. Deepak Yadav (Political Sc. Department)

Lehren (2015-16):
Intercollege quiz competition was held during college cultural festival Lehren on 20th Fe. 2016 in which six colleges participated (Kalindi College, Zakir Hussain College(M), Zakir Hussain College(E), Aurobindo College, Delhi Technical University etc.).The competition was conducted in two rounds “Mix Bag” and current affairs.
First prize was won by Aurobindo College (Sidharth Sharma, Somesh and Second prize was won by Kalindi College (Kirti , Kiran)