ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”


Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC


The Core Committee functional in 2015 had the following members:

1. Dr. Punita Verma, Associate Professor, Department of Physics (Convener)
2. Dr. Anita Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi
3. Dr. Ruchi Tyagi, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
4. Dr. M. Arunjit Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany
5. Dr. Varsha Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
6. Dr. Nivedita Giri, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

To move a step forward towards building an environment of research in the college and motivating both faculty as well as students towards experiencing research, the composition of the existing research committee was further extended on 5/6/2015 to include following faculty members:

1. Dr. Aparajita Gaur, Associate Professor (Department of Chemistry)
2. Dr. Rajesh Abhay, Assistant Professor (Department of Geography)
3. Dr. Anjali Gupta, Associate Professor (Department of Economics)
4. Dr. Saroj Dutta, Associate Professor (Department of History)
5. Dr. Chaity Das, Assistant Professor (Department of English)
6. Ms. Anju Ratan, Associate Professor (Department of Mathematics)

• Dr. Moinuddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography was included as replacement for Dr. Abhay who had left the college in August 2015.

Further, the some of the members of the extended committee were replaced by the following names of their corresponding departments in Jan 2016.

• Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary, Assistant Professor (Department of Economics)
• Ms. Richa Mani, Assistant Professor (Department of History)
•Dr. Prempal and Ms. Sunita Sharma, Assistant Professor (Department of Mathematics)

And addition of following members was done:

• Dr. Triranjita Srivastava, Assistant Professor (Department of Physics)
• Ms. Isha, Assistant Professor (Department of Commerce)
• Dr. Deshraj, Assistant Professor (Department of Sanskrit)
• Ms. Mamta, Assistant Professor (Department of Journalism)
• Dr. Anuradha, Assistant Professor (Department of Music)