ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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The Sanskrit Department was established in 1967 with B.A.(P) along with the inception of Kalindi College. Both B.A.(H) and M.A.Sanskrit were initiated in 1973. Sanskrit SahityaParishad was introduced with an aim to provide a platform to the students to develop and showcase their talent and encourages the value of working together. It has been consistently organizing various cultural events.Students are continuously inspired and motivated to show their best by participating in those activities.


1. Sanskrit Saptaah Diwaas
10thAugust 2017 marks an important day for Kalindi College as the College celebrated Sanskrit Day, symbolsing the Sanskrit Week. This prestigious day has been graced by eminent dignitaries. In this event, Dr ‘Jeetram Bhatt’, secretary of Delhi Sanskrit Academy was the chief guest & Professor ‘Pankaj Mishra’ of St. Stephen College was the speaker. The event also marks the presence of our Principal DrAnulaMaurya along with other faculty members of the college.
  The event begins with the lightening of lamp by dignitaries followed by Vedic & Laukika chanting by students of the college. Our principal Dr AnulaMaurya gave welcome speech, in which she welcomed all the eminent guests & inspired students who were present in the program. Also, she addressed students to take part in various activities organised by the college. Students of the college presented a ‘kavyali’ in Sanskrit language which mesmerized the crowd. Dr JeetramBhatt(Secretary of Delhi Sanskrit Academy) chief guest of this event, congratulated everyone on this auspicious event. Expressing his views, he said that the future of Sanskrit is bright & there should be no disappointment among the students regarding Sanskrit. He also said that Sanskrit has been touted the most suitable language for computer.
   Then, the main speaker of the event Dr Pankaj Mishra (Associate professor, St. Stephen’s College) stated his ideas at the function. He congratulated everyone and expressed his views on the topic “Place of Sanskrit in Modern age”. Touching all the intrinsic qualities of Sanskrit language, he said that there are a lot of possibilities in this language regarding the formation of words. There are so many philosophical elements in Sanskrit by which we can make our present as well as future beautiful. There is also a lot of scope regarding job in this language. After this inspiring speech by the main speaker, a beautiful song in Sanskrit was presented by the students of the Sanskrit department of the college. On this occasion, Sanskrit Shloka Competition & drawing competition held in the college. Vriddhi bagged the first prize, Makel won the second prize & third prize in the shloka competition. Seema got the first position in the drawing competition. The winners were felicitated by eminent guests.
   Finally our Head of Department Dr. Manju Lata extended her vote of thanks to all. With invocation of Shantipaath, this auspicious event came to an end.


 2. Sanskrit SambhashanaShivira

 18th August 2017, marks an important day for the Sanskrit department of Kalindi College as it organized the inaugural session Sanskrit Sambhashana Shivira. Dr. Manju Lata, Teacher In-charge of Sanskrit department was the convener of the program. In the beginning of the ten day long Sanskrit Sambhashana Shivira (Spoken Sanskrit Camp), the event was graced by honorable chief guest Sri Lakshmi Narasimahan, CEO of Sanskrit Samvardhan Pratishthan along with faculty members of Sanskrit Department, Vasundhara and Gavish from Sanskrit Bharati. Event commends with lighting of the lamp by dignitaries and teachers of the college, chanting of holy Vedic hymns and Loukik Mangalacharana by the students of the college.
Sri Laksmi Narsimahan firstly congratulated everyone on this important event and encouraged all students for Sanskrit learning. In his speech he remarked that by great efforts anything can be achieved by the students. He also said conversing in Sanskrit will not remain as an uphill task-provided we practice it seriously. He also stated that Sanskrit Sambhashana Shivira is good means to learn Sanskrit. Dr. Deshraj Assistant Professor of Sanskrit Department presented Vote of thanks. There after Dr. Vasundhara, teacher from SanskritBharati, deputed for the task, started training programme for the students. Firstly she trained students how to introduce themselves. Then she introduced small sentences using sixth case, Tat and Atat words. There after she introduced sentences with क्त and क्तवतु suffixes. In the last class she introduced numbers in Sanskrit sentences.
In thevaledictory session honorable Dr. Jai Prakash, regional organizing secretary Sanskrit Bharati and Sri Sushil, chief of the Degree College, Delhi Prant for Sanskrit Bharati were also present.
On this occasion Sri Sushil has said that as a child learns language after listening from his or her mother, likewise after listening from a teacher, anyone can learn and converse properly in Sanskrit. Dr. Jai Prakashin his valedictory address encored teachers and students of the college for this direct spoken Sanskrit learning process. In this program, 39 students from B.A. Hons.1st year, 19 from 2nd year, 13 from 3rd year and 24 from 3rd year, B.A. prog., 9 from 1st year and 1 from Hindi Department participated. The whole program of Sanskrit learning was very successful as all 106 registered students from all classes and one teacher from Hindi department participated and benefited a lot.

 3. Special lecture organised by Sanskrit Parishada

On 15 September 2017, The Sanskrit Department of Kalindi College organised a lecture on "Bharata Rasa Sutra Vimarsha". The event was graced by honourable chief guest Prof. Deepti Tripathi, Ex. HOD Sanskrit Department, University of Delhi. This event also marked the presence of the principal Dr. Anula Maurya along with other faculty members of the college.
The event began with the lighting of the lamp by dignitaries. This was followed by Vedic Mantras and Laukika Shlokas by the students of the college. The Welcome speech was given by our principal Dr. Anula Maurya. She welcomed chief guest and also inspired students to enhance their knowledge.Prof. Deepti Tripathi delivered her lecture on Rasa Theory. She elaborated that Rasa has always been a matter of discussionin Sanskrit poetics. It has been argued as the atma (soul) of poetry by many poeticians. In the chapter six of Natyashastra by Bharatamuni, which is the first available text in this field, we find the Rasa-sutra.
Bharata has said that Rasa is originated with the combination of Vibhava, Anubhava, and Vyabhivhari bhavas. ‘Vibhavanubhavavyabhicharisanyogadrasanishpattih’, this rasa-sutra has been commented upon by many great aacharyas of Sanskrit poetics. It has given direction to various theories in the field of literature and literary theories. Dr. Tripathi discussed the Rasa-sutra given by Bharata and she also talked about the Rasa School ‘Rasa sampradaya’ of Sanskrit poetics, which was developed with the contribution of later poeticians.
Finally Dr. Deshraj, Assistant Prof. of Sanskrit Department extended his vote of thanks to all with invocation of Shantipatha and therefore this auspicious event came to an end. 


4. ChitradharitShlokRachna Competition collaboration with Delhi Sanskrit Academy

12th January, 2018 marks an important day for Kalindi College as the College’s Sanskrit department, in collaboration with Delhi Sanskrit Academy organized a competition on Sanskrit ShlokRachna based on Scenery.
                   The occasion was graced by the presence of Chief Guest Professor Sharada Sharma, Sanskrit department, Delhi University, Head, Distinguished guest Dr. KantaBhatiya, Vice President Sanskrit Academy, Dr. Santosh K. Shukla , Special Sanskrit Centre JNU & Dr. RanajitBehara. The event was started by lighting of the lamp. This was followed by the vedic mantras chanted by the students of the college. Dr. AnulaMaurya, Principal of Kalindi College welcomed all the dignitaries on the stage Dr. Maurya also welcomed all the 16 participants from different College. Among all 16 participants Mr. Vinayak of Sri Nivas Sanskrit Vidyalaya received 1st prize. Ritambhara of St. Stephens College received 2nd prize, AgamjeetJha of Hanuman Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya 3rd prize. Ramjas College got the 4th prize and Mekal from Kalindi College got the 5th prize. Some students were given consolation & encouragement prizes for their good efforts. All Sanskrit teachers of KalindiMahavidyalaya&Jeetram Bhatt of Delhi Sanskrit Academy were also present to felicitate the programme.
5. Sanskrit TaranginiShlokoccharan Competition 
Sanskrit Taranginioraganized an event of shlokoccharan competition on 21 February 2018. Verses were given by the Sanskrit Tarangini.  Dr. RanjankumarTripathi (Assistant professor in Delhi University) was the external judge and Dr. Richawas the internal judge.The program was started with Vaidicand Laukikmangalacharan and anchored by Geetanjali 3rd year, and Anjum 2nd year. Six students participated enthusiastically in this competition and Rishibhawon 1st prize  and Mekal 2nd prize from kalindi college. Program was happily ended with the great motivational speech of the Dr. Ranjankumar .