ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC
Self-Funded Projects
In the session 2015-2016, the research committee under the convenership of Dr. Punita Verma decided to initiate “Self funded research projects” in each department. These projects undertaken by both permanent and temporary faculty of the college showcases the dedication towards building up a research environment in college and exposing the undergraduate students to the intriguing field of research in their subjects. This also serves the purpose of inculcating the skills of patient searching, data management, interpretation and representation of research results.


1. Project Title: Indirect Tax Reform In India And A Way Ahead For GST
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary
ii. Students Investigators: Kirtika and Tabassum, (B.A.Eco (H)II yr).

2. Project Title: An Overview of Greece Crises: Causes, Consequences and Possible Solutions.
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary
ii. Students Investigators: Sony Bachani and AarzooPahawa, (B.A.Eco (H)III yr).

3. Project Title: Is de-industrialization a compulsory step for Modernisation of India
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Richa Gupta
ii. Students Investigators: Deepshikha Jha and Saumya Joshi.( B.A (H) Economics, III Year)


4. Project Title: An Analytical Study of Decline of the Popularity of Indian Comic Superheroes
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Monica Zutshi
ii. Students Investigators: Richa Sansanwal, Vrinda Bhargava, Sakshi Jain. (B. A (H) English, III Year)

5. Project Title: Virginia Woolf’s novel The Waves
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Lakshmi Priya B.
ii. Students Investigators: Sweta Chatterjee, Shreshtha Ranjan, Reashikaa Verma, Poonam Yadav, Deepika Rathee, Anjali (B.A. English (H) III yr).

6. Project Title: Changing Roles of Women in TV Commercials
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Chingangbam Anupama
ii. Students Investigators: Neha Kher, Simran Chhabra, Karishma, Swati, Rachna (B.A. English (H) II yr).

7. Project Title: Ethics of the “Homo Gestalt”?:exploring the concept of meta humans and “gestalt” in popular SCI-FI literature and Films
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Prabhat Rana
ii. Students Investigators: Chayanika Verma, Shirvari Gupta (B.A. English (H) III yr), Riya Jain, Sherry Pahuja, Pavni Sharma, Vaishali Singh, Tina Vedi (B. A. English (H)III yr).

8. Project Title: The Witch and the Fairy: The Constructed Binaries
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Tanya Singh
ii. Students Investigators: Smriti Sonker, Pratha Gola (B.A. English (H) III yr).


9. Project Title:Initiatives for Innovation Research Practices in the College
i. Project Investigator: Dr. ShekhMoinuddin
ii. Students Investigators


10. शोध-परियोजना-शीर्षक : हिन्दीकाउदीयमानरूप : मिश्रित भाषा
शोधार्थी : पूजाकुमारी, समता, ममता कुमारी, चारू वर्मा, शालिनी तिवारी
शोध-निर्देशन : डॉ. अनीता गुप्ता

11. शोध-परियोजना-शीर्षक : भारतेन्दु हरिश्चन्द्र की साहित्यिक पत्रिकाओं की प्रासंगिकता
शोधार्थी : रजनी, पिंकी, रिहाना, ऋतु, चंचल
शोध-निर्देशन : डॉ. मंजु शर्मा

12. शोध-परियोजना-शीर्षक : लोकगीतों का बदलता स्वरूप
शोधार्थी : अलका, एकता, रुचिका, पूजा, पारूल
शोध-निर्देशन : डॉ. विभा ठाकुर

13. शोध-परियोजना-शीर्षक : विज्ञापनों का सामाजिक सन्दर्भ
शोधार्थी : मनीषा, शिल्पी, निकिता, पिंकी, नैंसी
शोध-निर्देशन : डॉ. रक्षा गीता

14. शोध-परियोजना-शीर्षक : सिनेमा में पर्यावरण चेतना
शोधार्थी : आशिमा, वैशाली, कशिश चौहान, दिपिका बोरा, कोयल
शोध-निर्देशन : डॉ. पुखराज जाँगिड़


15. Project Title:Importance of Numismatics for the Study of Indian History
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Richa Mani
ii. Students Investigators: Manisha Nayak and Bhawna Paliwal (B.A. (Hons.) History, IIIrd year)

16. Project Title: Buddhism and Jainism
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Jaspal Singh
ii. Students Investigators: Sonia, Yamini Khanna (B.A. (H) History, IIIyr)


17. Project Title:Mathematical Modeling, Case study: Transportation Problem
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Prempal Singh
ii. Students Investigators: Kritika, Mini (B.Sc. Mathematics (H)III yr) Bhavna, Shruti, (B.Sc. Mathematics (H) IIyr).

18. Project Title:Applications of Ring Theory
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh
ii. Students Investigators: Anuja, Diksha Sharma, Neelima, (B.Sc. Mathematics(H) II yr).

19. Project Title:The concept of fuzzy sets
i. Project Investigators: Ms. Sunita Sharma
ii. Students Investigators: Anshul Jain, Kirti (B.Sc. Mathematics (H) II yr).


20. Project Title:Study of Electron Optics in Graphene
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Neetu Agrawal
ii. Students Investigators: R. Priya, Mahima Pandey, Himadri, Jyoti Agarwal (B.Sc. Physics (H) III yr).

21. Project Title:Basics of Ion Atom Collision Experiments
i. Project Investigator: Dr. Punita Verma
ii. Students Investigators: BaseeratRomshoo, Deepika Bora, Kashish Chauhan, Lisha, Neetu Aggarwal (B.Sc. Physics(H) III yr).

22. Project Title:To design a Swamped Transistor Amplifier.
i. Principal Investigators: Dr. Sudha Gulati, Dr. Monika Bassi.
ii. Students Investigators: Nidhi Jaiswal, Pooja Yadav, Jyoti Yadav, Anuradha, Komal Gahlot, Kriti, Sachina Gahlot, Megha Soni (B.Sc. Physics(H) III yr).

23. Project Title:Study of variation of Thermo-emf using different thermocouples under various modified parameters and its subsequent generation for thermoelectric applications.
i. Project Investigators: Dr. Rachana Kumar & Dr. Seema Gupta
ii. Students Investigators: Aparna,Swati, Tanvi, B.Sc. (H) Physics, IInd Year, Anshul,Komal Tyagi, Kajal, B.Sc. (H) Physics, Ist Year

24. Project Title: Student database created on C++ Software (2015-2016).
i. Principal Investigators: Dr. Rashmi Menon & Dr. Aravind Kumar
ii. Students Investigators: Anshu Sinha, Namita Sharma (B.Sc. (H) Physics II yr).


25. Project Title: Civil Society for Development: A Case Study of Women in Delhi
i. Project Investigators: Dr. NiveditaGiri
ii. Students Investigators: Shruti Das, SansritiKashyap, Garima Gupta, HarshikaSondhi, Ritika Jain, Meenal, Yukti, and Dhriti (B.A. Political Science (H) II yr).

26. Project Title: Raising Literacy
i. Project Investigators: Mr. Utpal and Mr. Preetam
ii. Students Investigators: Aadhyasha Dash, Adhisree, Shrestha Sanyal, Tanya (B.A. Political Science (H) II yr).