ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CELL                         

Connecting Dreams Foundation (CDF), Kalindi College chapter, operative since March 2017, aims at providing education to underprivileged children in schools. In order to realize the dreams of children, CDF Kalindi in association with the Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) started its first project ‘DREAM KEY LIBRARY’ in April 2017 under which a library was constructed in Khalsa School, RK Ashram. The library had all types of books for children like story books, educational books, magazines etc. On the last page of each book, a postcard was attached on which the children were supposed to write a moral lesson they learnt from the book and one dream of their choice. The added postcards acted as an incentive for a child to read the book and add his dream i.e. what he dreams to have (be it a toy, pencil box) to the dream box . The dreams of these kids were then connected by volunteers of SRC. It has been able to connect around 150 dreams through donation camps, personal donation and donation from teachers. In addition, it also completed one school dream which was to have a ‘playroom’ in the school. For this purpose, one classroom was decorated by painting the walls and making it a fun place. In community dream, the SRC volunteers contacted the MCD office of the area and complained about the improper road in front of the school and got the road improved. In every visit to the school, the team of SRC added new books to the library and filtered the dreams. In total the SRC has been able to connect around 150 individual dreams of the students and found immense pleasure by seeing smiles on their innocent faces. This little contribution helped those children fulfill their long lost dreams. The further goals under the project is to complete another  community dream  which is to make a handmade cost-efficient water filter for the people living on the roads near Jhandewalan metro station .


In September 2017, the social responsibility cell came up with its second project ‘KILKARI’. Under project Kilkari, the children living on streets are chosen by the R&D team, their families are counseled about the importance of education and they are then admitted to the nearest government schools under ‘Right to Education’. However, taking into consideration the increasing dropout rates, a KILKARI pathshala was introduced to make every child compatible enough to be able to read and write. A Kilkari pathshala in the slum areas of Jhandewalan with a strength of around 20 kids is being conducted every 4 days in a week where a team of volunteers teach main subjects like English, Maths, Hindi and EVS/GK/Moral Science to make the base of a child even stronger. To initiate a fun atmosphere of learning, the volunteers regularly show small video clips in order to teach Moral Science to develop a feeling of interest in the younger generation.


 After the successful operation of Kilkari pathshala, it was expanded even further.  In order to do so, the SRC collaborated with NGOs Youth for Sewa and Sewa Bharti to inspire those who once completely shattered hopes to study and be educated. This is the second phase of project Kilkari where a team of 8 volunteers conducts the Kilkari pathshala in the slum areas of Todapur, Inderpuri and Patel Nagar having a strength of 40 children in each centre. As a part of recreational activity, dance classes also being conducted regularly in the centres. Thus, after much determination and hardwork, Kilkari pathshala with the help of 20 volunteers has successfully been able to make a positive impact on the lives of more than 120 unattended children living on the streets, deprived of even their basic right-‘Education’ and after 3 months, the SRC volunteers have been able to achieve its desired result which was to improve the basics of every child in the centre. Also, 47 children of Jhandewalan slums have successfully been admitted into the nearest government school. The future plan of action in Kilkari is to expand it to to maximum areas of Delhi and NCR and establishing an advance framework i.e. teaching the Level 2 syllabus to the kids as a part of development and innovation.



In January 2018, the SRC started its third project, ‘MASOOM’. Interaction with a lot of organisations and day to day experiences made the team realize that the community of special people needs a lot of attention. They lack equality, respect, love, affection and they are denied the acceptance and emotions that every human being on this Earth deserves. Therefore, the SRC started an initiative under which the team can spend some time with the mentioned community and work towards their welfare and development. After much interaction and brainstorming, the team focused on these 3 areas under Masoom. The first area is making them aware of who they are and the basics of the world around them. For example, a module is developed, where the volunteers go and conduct sessions on various must-know topics like identification of the number of fingers, differentiating between a 10 rupee and a 100 rupee note, knowing basic math and topics on similar lines. The second area is teaching them various basic skills like how to hold a ball tight, how to tie shoe laces, how to walk straight, how to shake hands and more and the last area is conducting extra-curricular activities like dance and craft to unleash their hidden talent. A total of 5 volunteers are handling these 3 areas by conducting sessions three times a week, each session is for two hours.  After a successful operation of this project, the volunteers have been able to inculcate a feeling of ‘being a normal person’ in the minds of special people and also in making them aware of various things such as identification of coins and notes, time and basic skills.


The future plan of action in project ‘MASOOM’ is to add an entrepreneurship aspect in the project and in order to do so the team has thought of creating products such as ‘paper soaps’ which will be done solely by special people and the marketing will be done by the Social Responsibility Cell. After selling the product created by them, part of revenue will go towards their wellbeing and part of it will be used by for sustainability of this project. After all, in the end it’s all about those little steps that possess an ability to make a difference because we make a living by earning but we make a life by giving.


The fourth project is Project Rehmat of SRC is being undertaken by volunteers of Enactus Kalindi. Project Rehmat has a mission to create a nation where a person does not die for a living. Manual scavengers across the nation remove human and animal excreta from the streets and dry latrine, cleaning septic tanks, sewers and gutters. This inhuman occupation has been banned by the constitution for the past 13 years but it is still being practiced on a large scale. To protect these cleaning soldiers of our nation, Enactus Kalindi came up with Project REHMAT. Under project Rehmat, the team focuses on 3 aspects: safety, community building and entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship aspect has been further divided into two areas. One area focuses on helping the manual scavengers get an opportunity to change their profession and work in different fields. Other aspect is focused towards the wives of these scavengers and other females in the manual scavenging community. We have provided them an opportunity to make paper soaps and become self-sustained entrepreneurs. With the first 90 days of commencement of the project the team sold 12 kits, created community in 3 areas namely Kirti Nagar, Seelampur and Mayur Vihar. When it comes to achievement Enactus Kalindi team has bagged first prize in the Social B-Plan competition held at NSIT Delhi and second prize in B-Plan competition held at JIMS Kalkaji. We have also received an order of over 100 kits from the manual scavengers in Delhi. Our future plan of action includes conducting awareness campaigns, further sale of safety kits and paper soaps and providing more employment opportunities to manual scavengers. This is just the beginning of the beautiful journey we have embarked upon to bring a change in lives of these heroes of dirt. The Social Responsibility Cell of Kalindi College is determined to always do the best it can to create a difference!