ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
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  • 15% of the total seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and 7.5% of the total seats for Scheduled Tribes.
  • Students belonging to these categories should produce a certificate from the Commissioner or any other authority recognized by the University of Delhi for this purpose.
  • Candidates must attach: Copy of an official certificate in her own name ,Copy of income certificat


    1. 27% seats will be reserved for the candidates belonging to OBC.
    2. All students applying under the OBC Category must produce the certificate mentioning the non-creamy layer status and that their caste is in accordance with the Central list of OBC.
    3. The OBC candidates shall be given a relaxation of upto 10% of the minimum eligibility marks of the said Discipline
    4. As per the communication received by the University from the UGC, OBC status is to be determined on the basis of the Central List of OBCs available at the website of the National Commission for Backward Classes http://ncbc.nic.in/backwardclasses/index.html.
    5. Attach a photocopy of Certificate of OBC status in the applicant’s own name with the Application Form.
    6. The OBC certificate should clearly mention that the applicant does not belong to the creamy layer.
    7. If the OBC certificate is in the name of the parent of the candidate at the time of the admission, the following will apply
    8. The candidate will have to submit a copy of receipt showing that she has applied for OBC Non- Creamy Layer Certificate in her own name.
    9. The candidate will have to provide an undertaking stating that she will submit the OBC Non-Creamy Layer Certificate in her own name before 23rd July 2013.
    10. Admission is provisional, subject to the verification of the OBC non-creamy layer certificate through proper channel.
    11. If the seats meant for OBC remain vacant on the last date for admission, the same will be filled up by other eligible candidate.
    12. The College can fill up vacant OBC seats with other eligible candidates as per the University Guidelines


      1. Three percent (3%) seats in all undergraduate courses are reserved for candidates with physical disabilities (not less than 40% disability). The 3% reservation will be allocated as follows: 1% for persons with low vision of blindness; 1% for hearing impaired; 1% for those with locomotor disabilities and cerebral palsy including dyslexia. However if sufficient candidates are not available in a sub-category, then candidates from other sub-categories should be considered in their place.
      2. College welcomes students with special needs and within logistical constrains, tries to provide every help to facilitate their stay in the College.
      3. College will prepare a separate cut-off list course-wise and of each disability in order of merit.
      4. As per the University circular no. Aca.1/082/2001/PWD/2012-13/355 dated 13th September, 2012, the College will not charge any fee from these students at the time of admission.

Documents required at the time of admission:

      1. Certificate of physical disability issued by chief medical officer/ civil surgeon of district of any government hospital authorised to give such certificate under the provisions of PWD Act 1995 will be considered for admission. In case of any query you may refer to http:/ccdisabilities.nic.in
      2. Candidate must also submit a certificate of declaration to the effect that the information furnished in the Application Form and documents annexed is true and correct and that in the event of same being found incorrect, the admission is liable to be cancelled, in addition to any other action that may be taken in this regard against her. In such case, the College reserves the right to cancel the admission after issuing a show cause notice to the student giving her fifteen days to reply


      1. Upto 5% of the total seats in all Discipline Courses-I separately are available for admissions on the basis of Sports/ ECA.
      2. For admission under the ECA category, separate Application Form, which is available in the College Office, shall be filled by the candidates.
      3. Students seeking admission under this category should clearly indicate the ACTIVITY under which the admission is being sought
      4. There will be two levels of trials: i) Preliminary Trials; and ii) Final Trials.

To qualify in Preliminary Trial is mandatory to appear in Final Trials. List of selected candidates (as per the University of Delhi guidelines listed below) to appear for the Fitness Trials will be displayed on the College Notice Board and College website.

      1. Please check College Website or College Notice Board for details concerning ECA Trials. In case of vacant seats, a Second Round of ECA Trials will be held and dates would be notified accordingly.
      2. Candidates must clearly mark the category/ activity on the top of their Application Form and attach a copy of all the relevant documents highlighting their distinctions during last three years.
      3. There shall be two experts from outside College in the selection process.
      4. Candidates must submit a list of Extra Curricular Activities mentioning the level of participation and prizes won in the last three years only.
      5. Weightage given to the certificates of winners/ participants at International, National, State, Zonal and School level and trials is as follows: (a). Certificates: 25% & (b). Trials: 75%
      6. Not more than 15% concession in academic merit vis-à-vis General Category candidates may be given for admission to specific courses (subject to minimum eligibility of the course).
      7. A Committee constituted by the College, as per University guidelines, will decide admission on the basis of ECA (Extra Curricular Activities). The decision of the ECA Admission Committee shall be final and binding.
      8. A letter of recommendation from the Principal/ Officiating Authority of the School last attended, clearly giving details of activities participated in, must be included


    For Trials in Western / Indian Dance, the Candidates are required:
  • To carry the music piece on a pen drive/ phones/ i- pods/CDs.
  • To ensure that the music shall not be of more than 3-4 minutes.
  • To come in the appropriate costumes: make-up, accessories as per their dance form.
  • For Trials in all other Categories; the Candidates are required:
  • The Candidates are required carry their own equipment, materials, accompaniments, costumes etc., as may be required for the trials.
  • Additional Requirement (optional): Candidates may prepare their PROFILE to illustrate the level of their creativity and achievements. The same may be shown on the day of Trials.


    1. Upto 5% of the total seats in all Discipline Courses-I (separately) are available for admissions on the basis of Sports / ECA.
    2. The Admission under this category shall be finalized by the College on the recommendation of a Sports Admission Committee (constituted as per New Sports Policy 2012). The decision of the Sports Admission Committee shall be final.
    3. For admission under the Sports category, a separate Application Form available in the College Office shall be filled by the candidates
    4. Games available in the college include: Athletics, Badminton, Ball badminton, Chess, Cross Country, Football, Handball, Hockey, Kho-Kho, Judo, Power Lifting, Softball, Table-Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Yogasana. (For any other game, which is not included in the above mentioned list, coaching will be the responsibility of the concerned student.)

Super Category: Direct Admission by the College without trials (with other criteria remaining the same) includes Sports Persons who have participated/ represented the country in the following competition(s)

    1. Olympics games by IOC
    2. World Championships under International Sports Federation (IOA and/or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games
    3. Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia.
    4. Asian Championships organized by International Federation of Concerned Games. (Recognized/affiliated by MYAS and/or IOA)
    5. Commonwealth Games, S.A.F Games and Afro Asian Games
    6. Paralympics Games (recognized/ affiliated by MYAS and/or IOA)

Evaluation will be on the following criteria:

  • Sports Certificate :50 marks :ONLY LAST THREE YEARS CERTIFICATES(2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-2015) shall be considered.
  • Sports Trials :50 marks : include skill test, game performance test, games specific fitness, fundamentals of the games/ Sport etc. A minimum of 18 marks is required by the candidate in the Sports Trials for admission under this category.
  • It is essential for the candidate to qualify any ONE of the following Fitness Test items for Archery, Chess and Shooting; and any TWO of the following Fitness Test items for other Games/Sports as per the standards laid down by the University (for the general fitness):
  • List of selected candidates ( as per the University of Delhi guidelines) who are to appear for the Fitness -Trials will be displayed on the College Notice Board and College website.
  • Kalindi College shall accept the Fitness-Test Certificate issued by other colleges of University of Delhi.

The College shall video-graph the Sports Trials. Test Brief: Test will be briefed by person(s) of the Department of Physical Education of the College before the Trials. The Sports Admission Committee, constituted as per University Guidelines, shall screen/ evaluate the applications, Fitness and Sports Trials on the play field and recommend admission under Sports Category. The level of competency in the sport will be determined on the basis of distinction achieved only within the last three years in the Sports events recognized by AIU and IOA.Preference will be given to sports events in which Delhi University Inter-College and Inter-University Competitions are held. However, due weightage would be given to those events wherein College has the required infrastructure. The applicant as per his/ her age must be eligible to participate in Inter-Varsity competitions for the next three years and should not be employed Part-time/ Full-time anywhere. Please attach copies of the following with the application form in addition to other documents mentioned in the College Prospectus: The copy of the Sports Certificates should be accompanied by a photograph of the applicant duly attested by the Head of the Institution last attended / Gazetted Officer. Other relevant documents such as SC/ ST certificates

A certificate of physical fitness signed by a registered medical practitioner

      1. Details of any scholarships the applicant has availed of in the past three years
      2. Undertaking by the parent in the prescribed format and signed by the student on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/-.
      3. In complete forms will not be considered.
      4. Any student submitting any false/ forged/ fake certificate will be DEBARRED from admission to ANY COURSE IN ANY COLLEGE FOR THREE YEARS. If she is admitted, her admission will be CANCELLED. Such cases will be notified to all colleges
      5. In the event of no candidate found suitable in any particular Sport, the College Sports Admission Committee reserves the right not to make admission for the same. The decision of the college regarding selections shall be final and binding.
      6. The College retains the right to accept/deny order of preference mentioned by the candidate for Discipline Course-I.
      7. The above is subject to change as per directives received from the University from time to time
NOTE: In Team-Games, players of all the positions can apply


The wards of the Kashmiri Migrants will be registered centrally by the University for admission to various undergraduate courses under the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Commerce & Business, Mathematical Sciences and Faculty of Science and the allotment of seats to the courses/ colleges will be made on the basis of preference-cum-merit (not more than three seats in one college, at least one seat in one stream, i.e. Arts and Social Sciences, Commerce, Sciences and Mathematical Sciences).

      1. A concession of maximum 10% in the last cut-off marks fixed for general category candidates shall be extended to the candidates
      2. The candidates will have to fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements prescribed by the University for Admission to various courses.
      3. Payment of fees by the candidate to the college will be done from 13th to 16th July 2015, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

At the time of admission the following original certificates (to be returned after verification) as well as self-attested photocopies shall be produced

    1. Certificate of Registration as Kashmiri Migrant issued by the Relief Commissioner, Jammu or Divisional Commissioner, Delhi to establish the status of the applicant as registered Migrant
    2. Proof of property in Kashmir of the parent of the candidate
    3. Proof of current residence such as Ration Card, Photo Identity Card issued by the Election Commissioner, Driving License etc.

CW Category (Children/Widows of Armed Forces)

    1. 5% of the total seats are reserved for children/ widows of the officers and men of the armed forces including Paramilitary Forces killed or disabled in action or while on duty, as per University guidelines.
    2. Such candidates have to register at the Academic Branch, Room No. 218, New Administrative Block, North Campus, New Delhi - 110007.
    3. Admission under this category and college allotment would be done by the University
    4. As per the University guidelines, such candidates would be given 5% relaxation in marks to determine their eligibility to the course concerned.
    5. Payment of fees by student to the college will be done from 1st July 2015 to 3rd July 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

      Documents to be enclosed at the time of admission:

      Certificate of Education/ Concession from any one of the following authorities on the proper letter head:

        1. Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board.
        2. Secretary, Rajya Zila Sainik Board, Delhi.
        3. Office-in-Charge, Record Office.
        4. 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate.
        5. Ministry of Home Affairs (For Police Personnel in receipt of Gallantry Awards).


All foreign students, including those who have completed their schooling from an Indian Board may be treated as Foreign Students for the purpose of their registration/ admission in various departments and Colleges of the University and they may be considered for admission under 5% quota prescribed for the foreign students. The colleges/ Departments are advised to keep a column of nationality in their admission form. The foreign candidates seeking admission to undergraduate Courses should apply to Deputy Dean (Foreign Students), Conference Centre, University of Delhi- 110007. Email: dydean_fs@du.ac.in.

Documents required at the time of admission:
    1. A valid Student Visa is a pre-requisite for admission on arrival. No admission will be granted on Tourist Visa/ X-Visa
    2. English Proficiency certificate of TOEFL or IELTS scores is mandatory for foreign students at the time of submission of Application Form for admission in the University. If the candidate is unable to provide any of these score certificates or English proficiency certificate, then the candidate may be asked to appear in the English proficiency test, which is conducted by the Institute of Life Long Learning (ILLL), University of Delhi.
    3. The Equivalence of the Degree/ School Certificate may be procured by the applicant from the Association of Indian University (AIU) before submission of her application
    4. All the Foreign students must have some medical insurance, having vaccination clauses, before joining the University.


Gap year(s) would be no bar for purposes of admission to the undergraduate courses. Students who have a gap in their education must bring the original documents such as admission slips, admit cards for any examination taken or certificates of courses attended in the gap period to be eligible for admission to the undergraduate course for which they qualify.

    1. In such cases, candidate must submit:
    2. Undertaking Performa
    3. Admission Ticket of the Entrance Examination