ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC
Under the National Sports Organisation scheme in the college the Sports Department offers intensive coaching and training for different games and sports and also provides a number of recreational games in the interest of students. College started its sports in 1967 in spite of the lack of grounds in college and showed tremendous performances. Annual Sports Days were organized at National Stadium, Railway Stadium and University Grounds. Students used to enter the college with row knowledge of game and they passed out with trophies in various sports. Our Volleyball, Gymnastics, kho-kho, Kabaddi, Handball, judo, table-tennis yoga, swimming, Power-lifting, football, badminton, athletics, hockey, Adventure sports and ball-badminton players have shown excellent performance. We feel exhilarated as our players have played at All India Inter-Varsity, National, International and many other open tournaments year after year and have brought glory to the college.
  • Gymnastics : Neeru, Sarita and Indu brought medals at National level. Neelam and Neeru Kumra represented Delhi state Gymnastic team in All India National Gymnastics championship.
  • Volleyball : Saroj and Sarita played for India. Central Social welfare minister Krishna Tirath also played from this college at National level.
  • Kabaddi : Kapila Guar played at National level.
  • Kho-Kho : Sunita, Sudesh and Veena selected in Delhi state kho-kho championship and participated in All India National kho-kho championship
  • Hockey : Swaran and Raj were selected in Delhi state and National championship.
  • Judo : Since its inception in 1982 judo team has created the record of winning all the registered & prestigious tournaments. Kanchan played for India. Pratibha, Meenu, Indu Sharma, priyanka etc. played at All India Inter University Championship & won many gold medals.
  • Athletics : Nidhi Mathur was declared a best athlete of the Delhi State Sports Meet. In walking Neelam won the gold medals for continuous five years.
  • Table-tennis : Sudha Verma played All India North Zone Championship as the Captain of Delhi University team. She was also selected for women national table tennis championship.
  • Yoga : the college team has created a record of winning Inter College Championship for ten years. Deepti got selected for world cup championship. Jaya, Kritika. Jyotibala and Anju Rani played at Internatoinal level.
  • Power- lifting : pooja won medals at state, national & international level. She was declared as the strongest women in the Delhi state bench- press competition.
  • Football: Shiva Mathur played at All India Inter University Championship & selected in national as well as international level tournaments.
  • Ball - Badminton : this year college introduced a new game ball- badminton in which three players Sonia, Kavita & Navneeta played at national level.
  • Adventures sports : In Mountaineering, Renu secured the first position in the Indian North Zone Rock Climbing competition and also in sr. National level.
  • Swimming,Softball and cross-country : Players have shown commendable performance and won medals in these games. Fitness club & sports in Kalindi college not only focus on the overall well-being of the students, but its staff as well. It acts as the enabling and organizational point for conducting activities. Every year sports department conducts different tournaments for students and staff like throw-ball match between student & teaching staff, badminton, volley ball & cricket match for teaching & non-teaching staff, inter murals tournaments, athletics events & annual sports day. In all this way, sports in Kalindi are progressing gradually by producing the best players and bringing laurels to the college.


Sports Orientation (August 21, 2017)