ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं - The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC




The Students’ Union is an active body which is involve in the core performance and welfare of the institution broadly for the management of the college. It provides a platform for all the students to display and develop their leadership qualities. The Students’ Union organises several events including the Orientation program, DT Fresh Face on Campus, Oath Ceremony and Freshers’ Welcome, Diwali Mela, the Annual Cultural Fest – Lehren, Annual Day, Farewell etc. The Oath Ceremony commenced on 27 September 2017, where a twenty-member team dedicated to embrace the welcoming changes for the betterment of the college was appointed. After oath ceremony a welcome party was organised for the freshers’ powered by HT City in collaboration with Students' Union. The Chief Guest of Freshers’ Welcome was Rudrani Chettri, a Transgender Model who addressed the freshers and also judged Miss Kalindi competition along with Nisha Khan, Miss India Asia Pacific 2017 First Runner up and Yashasvi Maleyvar from HT. The Freshers’ captures some beautiful presentation of Dance, Music, Theatre skills and poetry. Although all the participants were phenomenal but the title of Miss Kalindi 2017 was won by Ms. Driti Atri, BA. Eco(H), Tanisha Mahanta, B.A. Journalism(H) as the First Runner up and Kavya, B.A. English (H) as second runner up of the contest. The HT on Campus title was received by Ms. Shayna Chaudhary, B.A. Journalism (H). The prizes were given to the winners by the guest and the judges

To celebrate the glee of Diwali, on 17th October 2017 Diwali Mela TEJASV was organised to showcase the unity in diversity and cultural essence of India. The event was enriched by the presence of the Chief Guest – Ms. Brigette Keane, facilitator, speaker and laughter yoga expert and followed by the lamp lightening and a wonderful dance performance by Tanisha Mahanta from Nupur –The Traditional Dance Society. Ms. Keane addressed the gathering with her laughter Yoga Skills. The festival went on to a beautiful state with the performances by the array of Societies – Karma - Western Dance Society, Nupur –Traditional Dance Society, Swar Gunjan- The Music Society, Fashionista- The Fashion Society and Aagazz –The Theatre Society.


The Annual Cultural Fest – LEHREN 2018 which is considered the most stupendous event of the year was conducted on 21-22 February 2018. The student body presented an exceptional volunteering throughout the event and graced their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. The Chief Guest, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (North East Delhi), Shri Manoj Tiwari addressed the gathering with his words of appreciation. He also graced the hour with his beautiful song. The event was adorned by the presence of Mamta Kiran, Hindi Poetess who presented some beautiful verses. The Principal, Dr. Anula Maurya addressed the audience with her kind words. A star night was also arranged by students’ union which was the most awaited event of the Lehren. This event was started with of renowned actors and actress MANJOT SINGH, PULKIT SAMRAT, KRITI KHARBANDA and ended with a beautiful performance of singer SHIBANI KASHYAP. The two-day extravaganza was a grand celebration with some wonderful competition and events like Group Dance, Group Singing, Solo Dance, Solo Singing, Fashion Show, Debate Competition, Antakshri and many others.


With the help of students’ union, The DT Fresh Face on Campus event was also organised in the college premises and the winner of the contest was Miss. Driti Atri, first runner up, Ariba Neyaz, Second Runner Up, Punita and third Runner Up, Abhilasha. SANGRAM SINGH, INDIAN WRESTLER visited KALINDI COLLEGE for the Promotion of the first KD JADHAV INTERNATIONAL KUSHTI CHAIMPIONSHIP. The Students Squad managed the campus with high spirits and maturity.


The Students’ Union members of our college have honestly and seriously fulfilled all the duties expected from them, to the satisfaction of its Convenors. Their basic role in promoting mutual contact, democratic outlook and a spirit of oneness among the students and to promote the social, cultural and intellectual development of the students has been successfully handled by them. They wonderfully succeeded to promote consciousness among the students of the college about the events taking place around them, in the college and outside the college with a view to better equipping them as responsible and educated citizens and to build up a healthy student’s movement.