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Externally Funded Projects

Department of Physics
1. Project Code:
Project Title: X-Ray Spectroscopy Of Highly Charged Slow Ions With Atoms And Solids
Principal Investigator: Dr. Punita Verma
Funding Agency: Inter University accelerator centre (IUAC), New Delhi
Allocated Amount: All funds available at IUAC
Tenure: 2013 - ongoing
Study of highly charged ions during collision with atoms of a solid target using X-ray spectroscopy. The velocity of the ions is slow as compared to the orbital velocity of the electrons in target atoms.
2. Project Code: Major UFR No. 58324
Project Title: Molecular orbital approach to the inference of x-ray measurements at small inter atomic distances
Principal Investigator: Dr. Punita Verma
Funding Agency: Inter University accelerator centre (IUAC), New Delhi
Allocated Amount: Rs. 6,43,000/-
Tenure: 2016 onwards for 36 months
To investigate the formation of a quasimolecule during an ion-atom collision event by measuring the characteristic X-Rays produced during the collision event.
Department of Zoology
3. Project Code: ECR/2017/000590
Project Title: Functional interaction between vasotocin and corticosteroids in catfish Heteropneustes fossilis
Principal Investigator: Dr. Varsha Singh
Funding Agency: DST- SERB
Allocated Amount: Rs. 23,07201/-
Tenure: 2017 for3 Years
In the proposed research work, the effect of neurohypophysial peptides on ovarian corticosteroids will be assessed in the cat fish Heteropneustes fossilis.
Academic Consultancy for Major Research Project
Department of Political Sciences
Title of Project:  Academic Consultant for “Major Research Project” of “Museum of Prime Ministers of India”
Project under : Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Teen Murti House, New Delhi.
Project Started : November 2017
Project Period: Initially for a period of six months, to be extended at the discretion of NMML
Principal Investigator for INDIRA GANDHI :Dr.Ruchi Tyagi
Duties and responsibilities as Academic Consultant include the following:
  • To consult various Research Libraries and Archives i.e. Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), National Archives of India (NAI) and other Libraries /Archives for Museum on ‘Prime Ministers of India’.
  • To meet family members/ friends/ political colleagues/ contemporaries etc of the former Prime Ministers of India to collect information about his/her work and other inputs related to setting up of Museum of the ‘Prime Ministers of India’.
All relevant data (including photographs) is to be collected, and collated – chronologically, highlighting key aspects etc.