ज्ञानं शीलं धर्मश्चैव भूषणं  "The Real Ornaments are Knowledge, Modesty and Sense of Duty.”
Accredited with Grade 'A' by NAAC

Yearly Academic Journal

Editor: Dr. Anjali Bansal
Co-editor: Ms. Anita Verma

Almost a decade and half ago, then principal, Dr. Malti, with an academic bent of mind conceived the idea of giving life to the academic activities of the intellectual minds of national and international fame and this academic Journal was the first manifestation of the same. It had been under her leadership that academic activities of national and international stature became an integral part of the life of Kalindi College. It was her vision to document the proceedings of such seminars for future generations; brought to life by late Ms. Manjit Singh who edited the first eight volumes of this journal.

The first volume (2001-02) published the proceedings of the UGC funded national seminar on Shakespeare among the Greeks and the Romans organized by our department of English in collaboration with The Shakespeare Society of India. Volume two (2002-03) brought for its readers a whole issue of Hindi dramatics. The third volume (2003-04) brought out informative and analytical presentations delivered at the UGC funded seminar on A Decade of Economic Reforms with an inaugural lecture by Dr. Manmohan Singh, now our Prime Minister. The fourth volume (2004-05) focused on Corporate India: Tasks and Challenges, a seminar organized by the department of Commerce. Volume five (2005-06) was a special issue on proceedings of two seminars: Language, Literature and Culture organized by the English and Hindi departments and the other on The Emerging Trends in Science and Technology: Photonics and Nanotechnology organized by the department of Physics. The sixth volume (2006-07) enlightened its readers with the presentations made at two seminars: the one on Translation and Interpreting organized by the departments of English and Hindi, the other on Pesticides organized by the department of Zoology. The seventh volume (2007-08) published articles presented at the seminar on Trade, Towns and Currency: a Historical Perspective organized by the department of History.

Starting with our eighth issue, the journal has been covering a wide spectrum of subjects from different disciplines. With this multidisciplinary approach, we are able to give representation to various lectures and seminars that are organised in the college by different departments. Together with this, the journal also provides a platform to our own faculty members to share their research work, papers presented or other papers that they have written. The preceding volumes thus have been an amalgamation of a wide variety of topics ranging from empirical studies of different nature covering national and international development and interactions, political compulsions and rivalries, different types of ailments and alternative medical treatments, advances in information technology and its varied applications to issues relating to status of women and their role in different fields, ethical values, language, literature and film studies. The tenth volume was dedicated to Late Ms. Manjit Singh for her incredible contribution to this journal.

We have already published twelve volumes of the journal till last academic year. The current issue (vol 13) is under publication. The views expressed in the papers are entirely those of the authors and in no way reflects the thinking of the institution or the editorial board.